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Carl Fogarty #1 – NX650 street-tracker


Four-time World Superbike champion Carl Fogarty pretty much knew what kind of special he wanted long before he spent a day with us at our workshop at Silverstone Circuit.

‘Foggy’ had already seen shots of the Dominatrix we had built the previous year, and had checked out numerous other street-trackers on the internet. The look had to be rugged, clean and sharp, and the bike had to be loads of fun to hoon about on.

Foggy arrived at IDP Moto armed with a polished alloy fuel tank he wanted on the bike, and later sent down a fibreglass tail unit, both of which had previously been fitted to a CCM machine. Although they needed modifying a little, they proved to be an almost perfect match for the 1999 Honda NX650 Dominator that we had already sourced.

We set about stripping the Domi down to the bare frame before reworking the tail unit and fuel tank to fit the newly-fabricated short subframe. Foggy had chosen to go with a satin black finish on the frame, linkages, bottom yoke, stand and hubs.

While they were all away being powder-coated – along with a couple of boxes of nuts, bolts and fastenings to be treated to a fresh coat of zinc plating – we gathered together everything needed to complete the build. We started with a new Öhlins rear shock built by Andy Dawson, who is usually otherwise engaged working on Marc Marquez’s suspension!

Talon supplied the polished 17″ rims, which were laced to the hubs using stainless spokes and wrapped with Continental TKC80 tyres to give the build a real rugged, purposeful look. The engine received several coats of silver enamel, and the casings were polished along with the cam caps and top yoke.

‘Spidey’ finished the swingarm, forks, newly fabricated shortie front mudguard, and tail unit in a bright metallic silver, and added white number boards either side of the tail unit, which were filled with black and ‘Öhlins yellow’ #1 graphics courtesy of airbrush artiste ‘Purple Fayz’.

Foggy wasn’t keen on keeping the lights and indicators, which meant we could supply and fit a DTRA style front number board, and again, ‘Purple Fayz’ provided the #1, as well as Carl’s trademark Foggy Eyes logo, which were also applied to the fuel tank.

Using a waterproof faux suede-looking material, Steve Adams produced a beautiful seat pad while a custom-made polished alloy box was fabricated to house the battery. The exquisite twin underseat silencers were connected to the original down-pipes by Cobuilt and other finishing touches included a polished Monza fuel cap and stainless speedo.

Foggy took delivery of his new bike on a typically grey, rainy summer day, and insisted it was swiftly parked up in the garage – he was obviously going to look after this one, and had no intention of taking it out in the rain! Since then he has managed to get plenty of use out of the new ride, and has admitted to heading out to the garage just to admire how sweet she looks!